Top 3 Benefits of Sinus Massage and DIY Sinus Massage Steps

Do you suffer from sinus congestion, sinus headaches, facial pain or have a history of recurrent sinus infections?

When you get sick, mucus blocks the paranasal sinuses. This is what causes the many unpleasant symptoms mentioned above.

The paranasal sinuses play a key role in moistening and filtering the air you breathe in.

Sinus Massage can help to relieve these symptoms and restore your sinuses to their optimal state.

Sinus Massage is one of the many popular types of massage we offer at the Clinic.
It is important to note that you must not attend the Clinic with an active infection or sickness. This is why we have given you some easy yet effective DIY Sinus Massage Steps in this blog post, so you can achieve amazing results at home if you are unable to attend the Clinic.

Read on to find out more!

Top 3 Benefits of Sinus Massage

1. Relieves sinus congestion

Sinus Massage helps to relieve sinus pressure, thus reducing congestion and allowing the sinuses to drain. Your massage therapist achieves this by gently massaging pressure points on the forehead, face, and specific sinus areas, including the frontal, ethmoid, maxillary and sphenoid sinuses.

By doing this, mucus will drain out of the sinuses, relieving sinus congestion.

2. Reduces sinus and facial pain

Sinus and facial pain are common symptoms of sinus congestion. These uncomfortable symptoms can be reduced significantly with Sinus Massage.

As sinus congestion is relieved through sinus massage, associated sinus and facial pain will in turn be reduced.

3. Helps with sinus headaches

Sinus Massage can help to reduce the frequency and severity of sinus headaches, which can be incredibly painful and dehabilitating. By experiencing less headaches, you’ll be able to get on with enjoying each day to the fullest!

DIY Sinus Massage Steps

Start by taking a warm shower. The moisture in the air will help to open up your sinuses, preparing you for your DIY sinus treatment. Wait 5 minutes after your shower to begin.

1. Glide your finger tips from the middle of the forehead down toward the ears. Use as much pressure as is comfortable. Repeat several times.

2. Glide your finger tips from the top of the bridge of the nose, either side, down underneath the cheekbones and toward the ears. Repeat several times.

3. Using the tip of your index finger, make small circles over the eyebrows at the inside corner, then the middle of the eyebrows, then the outer edge of the eyebrows, using as much pressure as is comfortable.

4. Glide over the eyebrows with your index finger and middle finger together from the inner eyebrow to the outer eyebrow and toward the ears. Repeat several times.

5. Place index fingers on either side of the nostrils and make small circles clockwise and then anticlockwise. Then glide fingers from the nostrils, under the cheekbones, toward the ears. Repeat several times.

6. Finish with downward strokes from in front of the ears and down either side of the neck.

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