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Pregnancy Massage

What is Pregnancy Massage?

Practitioners highly trained in Pregnancy massage offer one of the most comfortable pregnancy massages in Adelaide with our unique, fully adjustable pregnancy massage cushion. The therapists also offer side lying and chair massage depending on your comfort level. Essential oils to assist each trimester can be incorporated in your pregnancy massage free of charge.
This gorgeous massage can be enjoyed through-out your entire pregnancy. Performed by experienced therapists, the aim of this massage is to relieve the stress of physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. Massage can also be useful post-natally to reduce muscle soreness associated with labour, feeding or carrying bubs, encourage sleep, ease stress and provide a wonderful space for some well deserved ‘mummy time’. All practitioners are remedial massage therapists, so they are fully qualified to assist in more complex pain issues, beyond general tension.

How can it help me?

Our Remedial and Relaxation Pregnancy Massage can help with:
▪ Upper back and shoulder pain
▪ Neck pain and headaches
▪ Lower back pain
▪ Sciatica
▪ Carpel tunnel syndrome
▪ Fluid retention in the legs and feet
▪ Relaxation and stress relief
▪ Labour preparation
▪ Post-natal aches and pains

Not only can Pregnancy Massage be deeply relaxing, it can also be helpful for relieving leg, hip and back pain, reducing fluid retention, headaches and other common problems like sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. Looking after your body during and after pregnancy is a wonderful luxury for some, but an absolute necessity for others. Try regular massage throughout your pregnancy to experience the benefits it can provide for you during this special time.

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