Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

What is Deep Tissue/Sports Massage?

A massage that uses firm to deep pressure to release tight muscles and tension in the surrounding tissues. It focuses on recovery of the muscles after sport/exercise and assist repair of muscles with increased circulation to the area and by flushing out stagnant blood from the muscles to restore the natural length and flexibility of your muscles. Several of the consulting practitioners have a Personal Training background, and all practitioners are highly trained and provide treatments to athletes regularly. Due to the amazing results the therapists at Naturally Massage & Wellness provide, Athletes choose to have remedial treatments here, even while having access to team sports trainers and therapists!

How can it help me?

If you engage in regular exercise or sport and want to keep your body in tip top shape and help prevent injury to muscles, this massage is very beneficial. If you typically get sore after exercise or feel your muscles are slow to recover from exertion, sports massage can invigorate and repair these tired muscles leaving you feeling energised and replenished.

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