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Remedial Massage Therapy

Got pain, tightness, headaches or injuries? Find out how remedial massage can help you!

Massage Therapies

What is Causing My Pain?- Find our how posture, weakness and tightness creates the perfect environment for pain.

Natural Health

Want to lose weight? Think you might have a hormone imbalance, digestive issue or stress? Gain control of your health naturally.

Pregnancy Massage

Help reduce achiness, lower back pain, muscle cramps, headaches and stress with our experienced pregnancy massage team.

Online Programs

Your Pain Free Workday Made Simple

Are you sick and tired of struggling with tightness and pain throughout your workday?

Improve your mobility and energy with this easy-to-follow, comprehensive program… even if you’ve been struggling for years!


Upper Back and Shoulder Program

Take control of your upper back and shoulder pain with this home based program. Self-massage, mobility and strengthening at home with minimal equipment!

DIY Lower Back Program

Take control of your lower back pain with this home based program. Self-massage, mobility and strengthening at home with minimal equipment!

Neck and Headaches Program

Take control of your neck pain and headaches with this home based program. Self-massage, mobility and strengthening at home with minimal equipment!

 14 Day Kick Start Cleanse

Simple eating and lifestyle habits to kick start natural detoxification and boost weight loss.

Massage and Wellness Services

Welcome to Naturally Massage & Wellness; your one stop shop in Unley for Massage, Needling, Cupping, and Naturopathy. The consulting practitioners are all fully qualified and have over 85 years’ experience between them. What’s more all practitioners have provider numbers for all major private health funds should your treatment need to be covered through Insurance; most claims can even be made on the spot.

The Widest Range of Massage Therapy in Unley. We offer a whole host of massage techniques to suit all client’s ailments. The consulting remedial massage therapists are fully accredited and bestow knowledge and experience that quickly assesses the best way to treat you from the minute you step into our Unley clinic.

We are Unley’s Dry Needling specialist. Dry needling inserts a fine acupuncture needle into a muscle trigger point which stimulates a twitch response. This in turn causes a slight contraction in the muscle which upon release relieves the pain that the trigger point was causing. Dry Needling can generally help to break down tight muscle trigger points and sources of pain for patients quickly and easily. If you suffer from any form of muscular tension or any pain that travels then you may want to consider dry needling.

Cupping Therapy in Unley. If you suffer from back or shoulder tightness then you might consider cupping therapy. Plastic cups are placed on the back and a pump is used creating a vacuum that sucks and stretches and releases the tight muscles, whilst increasing circulation and further relaxing them. The therapists sometimes incorporate cupping therapy into remedial massage treatments to free up stubborn and extremely tight muscles.

Your home for Naturopathy or natural medicine in Unley. Holistic healing recognises the body’s unique ability to naturally overcome disease and may restore true wellness to our lives. Our naturopaths are fully qualified and experienced, and are here to get to know you, and understand that successful results are built by being united on your health journey. We only use natural substances to support a healthy diet and energetic lifestyle to get you on the road to a better you.

If you would like to make an appointment for remedial therapies or Naturopathy for amazing and lasting changes to your life, please call us to arrange a time to see us or book an appointment online.

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