Massage Services
At Naturally Massage & Wellness highly trained professional therapists use a wide range of massage techniques combined with a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement .... Read More
What is Remedial Massage therapy? This is a firm to deep massage that focuses on releasing tight muscles and the tension in the surrounding structures. .... Read More
What is Deep Tissue/Sports Massage? A massage that uses firm to deep pressure to release tight muscles and tension in the surrounding tissues. It focuses on recovery of the muscles after sport/exercise .... Read More
What is Trigger Point Therapy? Trigger points are areas of muscle where the fibres are bunched together and irritated. Sometimes they can cause intense pain or a pinching sensation where the trigger point is located, .... Read More
What is Myofascial Release therapy? Myofascial Release focuses on gently stretching the fascia (the tissue that surrounds the muscles). Fascia can become tight or solid from trauma, stress, the body being over-worked or poor posture, .... Read More
What is Relaxation/Swedish Massage? This is a light to moderate pressure massage that uses long sweeping strokes to promote a sense of overall well-being. .... Read More
What is Hot Stone Massage? The ancient art of using warmed stones to relax the body and mind, has been reinvented in the now popular form of ‘Hot Stone Massage.’ .... Read More
What is Pregnancy Massage? Practitioners highly trained in Pregnancy massage offer one of the most comfortable pregnancy massages in Adelaide with our unique, fully adjustable pregnancy massage cushion. .... Read More
Aromatherapy Massage? Price guide 60 Min $95 During an Aromatherapy Massage, your therapist will use an essential oil or blend of your choice to appeal to your senses and deliver stimulating or sedating messages to your nervous system. .... Read More
What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage? Lymphatic Drainage is a highly specialised form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic system produces special white blood cells, .... Read More
What is Sinus Massage? Our Sinus Massage is derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of treating facial and sinus pain. The massage uses firm circular pressure on specific .... Read More
What is Indian Head Massage? Do you always look forward to a head massage at the hairdressers, but feel like it’s over far too quickly? You will love this traditional form of massage which is done dry (i.e. no water or oil) .... Read More
What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a traditional therapy that focuses on stimulating the entire body using specific points on the feet or hands. By stimulating these points with firm, circular pressure, .... Read More