Lemon is an amazing oil with purifying and detoxifying actions.

Just a few drops in water can be a great kickstart to the day and help detoxify your liver.

The essential oil is made from the peel of the Lemon and is therefore very potent in its actions, much stronger than using a fresh lemon.

And as essential oils are priced according to the ease of extracting the oil and how common the original plant is, Lemon is also very affordable ($18 for 15ml bottle)

There are so many uses for Lemon oil, like cleaning your bench tops, deodorising toilets and carpets, polishing wooden furniture, removing sticky substances, to name a few. Below are some more great resources and info about Lemon Essential Oil.

See below for 21 uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Check out this delicious recipe using Lemon Essential Oil


Here’s a great gift idea: Lemon & Poppyseed Homemade Soap

**Not all essential oils can be taken internally. DoTERRA oils undergo a very strict safety process to ensure they are safe for internal use. Check to make sure your essential oil bottle states ‘Supplement Facts’ and specifically ‘for internal use’ before taking any oils internally.**

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