Experiencing pain in the lower back area is common.

It can be caused by sitting for long periods at a computer, physical labour, a sporting or exercise injury, undertaking repetitive movement such as constant bending over or standing in one position for long periods or it might just be poor posture.

Lower back pain can cause great discomfort and needs to be addressed quickly.

Our Practitioners at Naturally Massage & Wellness are experienced in assessing and treating lower back pain with a number of techniques such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, cupping and dry needling.

We also review the potential triggers for your lower back pain and can help reduce and eliminate pain whilst working within comfort levels, testing and increasing the range of motion and action, assessing postural alignment, discussing lifestyle and other possible contributing factors.

Book in for a 45-60 minute appointment with one of our Practitioners at Naturally Massage & Wellness for treatment of your lower back pain.

See you at the clinic.

Beau Reschke

Dip. Rem. Massage

Remedial Massage Therapist