Oncology Massage
Oncology Massage

Dealing with the pain and the effects of stress that cancer and related treatments create, can make a difficult situation feel harder to cope with.


Oncology Massage provides relief from pain and stress for those suffering with cancer, during and between treatments as well as post-surgery.


It can assist with reducing swelling in areas where lymph nodes have been removed, as well as alleviating tightness and pain in the muscles surrounding the area.


It can also be extremely beneficial in relieving tight, stressed muscles and tension, as well as helps to relieve depression and anxiety, decrease nausea and improve energy levels and sleep quality.


It is also helpful, and recommended post-surgery to assist the body to recover and increase movement in restricted muscles.


Amy Keaney has completed level 1 Oncology Massage, and is passionate about helping people and their loved ones cope with the physical effects during these difficult times.


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