July 2022 Newsletter
July 2022 Newsletter
July 2022 Newsletter
6 Jul, 2022


Sinus Massage

Do you suffer from sinus congestion, sinus headaches, facial pain or have a history of recurrent sinus infections?

Sinus Massage may be able to help!

Relief can often be gained from just one treatment; sometimes however, several treatments are required to get lasting results.

What is Sinus Massage?

Our Sinus Massage is derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of treating facial and sinus pain. The massage uses firm circular pressure on specific points known to relieve sinus congestion and related pain. Our ‘Easy Air’ essential oil blend can be incorporated at not extra charge to decrease congestion and open airways for easier breathing.

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More Availability During School Holidays

Looking to take out some time to relax during the school holidays?

Or perhaps your child or teenager is in need of some relaxation time after a busy school term?

You’re in luck – we’ve increased our availability during the school holidays to cater to all your relaxation needs!

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5 Ways to Keep Active this Winter

Looking for new ways to keep fit this winter?

Here’s some inspiration from the NMW team:

  1. Get out into the garden: mow, mulch, fertilise, rake leaves and trim hedges. This ia great incidental exercise – and satisfying as you also get to beautify your garden! 
  2. Bike ride: on your own or with the family, try new tracks, trails or ride to the local park or the shops and back 
  3. Dance party: throw on some tunes on a Friday night or try a dance game like ‘Just Dance’ for Nintendo Switch/Wii/Xbox or PS4. A fun and interactive way to work out!
  4. Find a local community centre that runs classes like zumba, yoga, circuit classes or pilates. They’re cost effective and usually indoors, so there’s no excuse not to go! 
  5. Walk to the local shops for groceries
  6. Walk to a local cafe to meet a friend for coffee or a healthy lunch

Enjoy getting active this winter!

Thank you for keeping our community safe by wearing masks when you visit the Clinic.

We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and cooperation during this time.

We’re all in this together!

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We look forward to seeing you at the clinic soon!

Warm Regards,

Naturally Massage & Wellness Staff