August 2022 Newsletter
August 2022 Newsletter
August 2022 Newsletter
10 Aug, 2022


Top 3 Benefits of Sinus Massage and DIY Sinus Massage Steps

Do you suffer from sinus congestion, sinus headaches, facial pain or have a history of recurrent sinus infections?

When you get sick, mucus blocks the paranasal sinuses. This is what causes the many unpleasant symptoms mentioned above.

The paranasal sinuses play a key role in moistening and filtering the air you breathe in.

Sinus Massage can help to relieve these symptoms and restore your sinuses to their optimal state.

Read about the Top 3 Benefits of Sinus Massage and DIY Sinus Massage Steps on our Blog!

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* It is important to note that you must not attend the Clinic with an active infection or sickness *

What is Osteopathy?

As most of you know, we share a premesis with Southside Clinic.

Roz and Josh are two of the Osteopaths whom we have the pleasure of working with.

Roz has helped us by answering the most common question we find ourselves getting asked at the Clinic when referring a patient to see an Osteopath.

So, what is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a hands-on manual therapy that assesses and treats the whole person at the root cause of their pain, rather than just their symptoms.

Osteopaths treat the muscles, joints, connective tissue, and body systems using a wide range of techniques tailored to each patients’ individual needs.

This may include a combination of direct and gentle techniques like of joint articulation, muscle energy technique (MET), joint manipulation, soft tissue massage, visceral manipulation, cranial Osteopathy, exercise prescription and more.

Osteopaths treat patients of all ages and address a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain including muscle strains, joint sprains, tendinopathies, spinal and pelvic pain, jaw pain, headaches and more (think any joint in the body).

They can also provide pre and postnatal care for mums and bubs.

Find out more about Osteopathy here

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Thank you for keeping our community safe by wearing masks when you visit the Clinic.

We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and cooperation during this time.

We’re all in this together!

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