September 2022 Newsletter
September 2022 Newsletter
September 2022 Newsletter
14 Sep, 2022


Women’s Health Week

This week is women’s health week, a week dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority. 

Our Naturopath, Kristin, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things women’s health.

Kristin can help with:

– digestive issues and gut health
– hormonal imbalance
– sleep disorders
– fertility and pregnancy
– arthritis
– stress
– thyroid health
– nutrition
– weight loss

…and so much more!

City to Bay Fun Run

Are you currently training for the City to Bay?

This year, the annual City to Bay Fun Run is taking place on Sunday 18 September.

Sports massage can help you prepare for the big day by:

– helping to increase your flexibility
– reducing pain and inflammation
– increasing the circulation of blood throughout your body, which carries vital nutrients and oxygen to your muscles
– helping to speed up muscle recovery
– helping to eliminate toxins and waste products from the muscles, such as lactic acid and carbonic acid
– promoting rest and relaxation, helping to clear your mind and make you calm

Schedule your pre and post event massages in advance to ensure you’re feeling your best before and after the big day!

Book your sports massage here

Spring Salad Recipe 

Spring is finally here!

Spring is the perfect time for simple, fresh, healthy salads.

Check out this recipe by Metagenics for a delicious quinoa and cannellini salad. 

Check out the full recipe here

Thank you for keeping our community safe by wearing masks when you visit the Clinic.

We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and cooperation during this time.

We’re all in this together!

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