How Energy Healing Can Change Your Life!
How Energy Healing Can Change Your Life!
How Energy Healing Can Change Your Life!
1 Oct, 2019

Before I tell you about all the benefits of Energy Healing I’ll explain what it is.

Energy Healing is a broad term for modalities that clear energy blocks in the body like yoga or acupuncture, or therapies such as Reiki, Karuna or Seichim that through the hands, send Universal Life Force Energy (Qi) into a person’s energy field and physical body. These later therapies are painless and just by laying hands onto an area of the body can clear blocks, and stimulate physical and emotional healing.

When a person has stored trauma in their cells (personal or ancestral karma, past life or current life traumas), their vibration is lowered. This lower vibrating energy affects mood and energy levels and depending on where it is stored, affects the functioning of the human body.

The human body has 7 main spiritual energy centres called Chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye & Crown). I’ll use the Heart Chakra as an example. If a person has experienced betrayal, was hurt, or was/is in an emotionally difficult relationship it can block the Heart Chakra so they can’t feel the emotional pain. This is both a coping mechanism and trauma. Over time this can cause physical symptoms – circulation of the heart to be compromised, heart palpitations and even heart attack. Emotionally it can cause the person to feel cold, be cruel & unfeeling, not understanding why they keep attracting emotionally stunted or immature partners, have trust issues, dwell on old relationships and grudges. Until the heart is cleared from stored traumas the person will not be able to fully give & receive love.

By clearing emotional blocks/stored trauma in the body it is freeing up physical energy to flow through the body by way of Meridians which is best explained as a mapped energy highway system throughout the body. Again, using the Heart Chakra as an example, when a person is experiencing a heart attack and the Shao Yin Heart or Pericardium Meridians are blocked you will experience pain down one or both arms. Hands-on Energy Healing focused on the heart can unblock meridians just as well as acupuncture can.


Is Energy Healing Widely Recognized?

Reiki is currently provided as a complimentary therapy is some hospitals, nursing homes and palliative care hospices in Australia, and around the world. Reiki is gentle, promotes feelings of peace and calm and can help with pain relief.

What can you expect from an energy healing session?

You will lie on a comfortable massage table. The practitioner will lay their hands on your body wherever they feel guided to. You may experience feelings of being very relaxed or you may feel heat on the area that is being touched, rumbling noises in the tummy, tingling or a sensation of energy traveling through your body. When a major block is being shifted from a chakra/organ/area you may feel an urge to cry or may have memories arise as the energy is shifting.

Straight afterwards you may feel deeply relaxed, emotionally lighter, happier, have more energy or feel like you just ran a marathon and need to sleep. In the days following a healing, your mood, feelings, emotions and realizations can be changeable so do observe yourself and take note of any changes you are experiencing. Every single healing session differs and is unpredictable in what can take place.


The benefits of Energy Healing include, but are not limited to:

          • Increased physical energy
          • Relaxation, peace & inner calm
          • Decreased feelings of depression or anxiety
          • Change in habits and addictions
          • Decreased physical pain
          • Releasing old emotions that are causing physical symptoms


How often should you have a healing?

As often as you feel the need to. That could be monthly or sooner if it’s for a physical condition or palliative care.

As a healer, I need to work on myself so I can be of best service to you. I’ve been self-healing and having healings for over 15 years, intensively so the last 1.5 years.

I have healings at least every 2-3 months and during this time have felt my physical energy and emotional well-being increase incredibly.

Energy healing can benefit anyone and everyone, from babies to the elderly, those in palliative care or anyone that wants to have a deeper understanding of, and to improve their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being




Biljana Ivanisevic

Bsc Complimentary Medicine



The Top 5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
The Top 5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
7 Aug, 2019

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient technique which has been developed and perfected over centuries into it’s current practice.

Smooth stones made of basalt volcanic rock are warmed up in water in advance, and the basalt stones retain heat well, which means long-lasting warmth during your massage!

Your massage therapist will incorporate them into almost any massage treatment, from Swedish (relaxation) massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage.

They can be used for the entire duration of the massage, or used intermittently.

The result is a soothing and deeply relaxing massage, but what else is great about Hot Stone Massage?


Read on to find out our top 5 benefits of hot stone massage!


1. Achieve Ultimate Relaxation

Heat is a natural relaxant. It sends signals to the brain, telling the mind to relax.

This, in turn, tells the body to relax, allowing your muscles to loosen up and for muscular tension to be released.

For those feeling stressed or suffering from anxiety, hot stone massage may be very beneficial.

It can help to reduce stress and anxiety as it promotes deep relaxation.

Hot stone massage is the ultimate relaxation massage.


2. Relieve Muscular Aches and Pains

Hot stones can be incorporated into most types of massage, including remedial massage.

As heat promotes relaxation, your muscles relax, making it easier for your massage therapist to work through your muscles to relieve tightness, aches and pains.

Remedial massage is a firm to deep pressure massage which focuses on releasing tight muscles and the tension in the surrounding structures.

Sometimes the muscles can be so tense, that they are difficult to work through.

The use of hot stones may provide an extra layer of relaxation that is sometimes needed to be able to effectively ease sore muscles.

Our therapists are already well respected in the community for being able to provide amazing results in freedom from pain and tightness.

The use of hot stones adds another amazing element to the high-quality treatment you expect from us. 


3. Improve Circulation

Massage has been shown to improve circulation in the body, and the heat provided by hot stones can help to improve circulation even more!

As the heat from the stones penetrates the muscle tissues, your blood vessels may open more.

The result is improved circulation, as more oxygen is able to reach your muscles, improving their functionality and easing muscular discomfort.


4. Energy Healing

A great hot stone massage not only benefits the body; it may also benefit the mind.

Traditionally, hot stones have been used for energy healing, during which they are placed on key energy points of the body.

The muscle is warmed and energy is released, further improving your body’s natural healing.


5. Promotes Better Sleep

This ultimate relaxation massage may help to improve your sleep!

Not only can massage help to promote getting to sleep by getting rid of the ‘wired and tired’ feeling of your body, but it can also improve the quality of your sleep.

This means you may have a far more restful sleep, and feel more energised and alert when you wake up!


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The Top 8 Things You Can Do To Banish Pain At Your Work Desk
The Top 8 Things You Can Do To Banish Pain At Your Work Desk
22 Apr, 2019

How would you feel if you could implement some quick and simple fixes at work to relieve the loading on your body that causes tightness and pain?

Does this sound familiar? You get to the office, sit at your desk and work starts. The phone starts (and sometimes doesn’t stop), you’ve been clacking the keyboard endlessly, and before you know it the day has gone.

Time is a paradox, the day can seem like its dragging and then suddenly it’s coming to an end and there’s so much work needing to be done. And, to make things worse, your back, neck and shoulders have been stiff and achy, that burning feeling between your shoulders is driving you nuts and to top it off your head hurts… when is the weekend going to be here?

So, how do we minimise the strain on the body while you’re at work?

Thankfully, there are several things to take into consideration that can make your work day less arduous and much more comfortable.


1.    Desk setup

First things first – the most important thing you should check is the ergonomics of your work station. If your chair and desk are not ideal for your height, then this can create a lot of postural tension as you will need to slouch or arch to sit at your computer.

If your computer monitor is too high or low this will also cause the same problem.

Is your screen in front of you or off to the side, or do you work with multiple screens? Are they set up to avoid sitting in an over-rotated position?

If your keyboard is sitting on a surface that is too high, you may find yourself hunching and rounding your shoulders just to be able to type.

Ideally, you should be sitting in a position that allows an upright position with shoulders back and down and a slight chin tuck rather than rounding towards your screen.

Getting an ergonomics assessment by an Occupational Therapist can further help to fine tune your work station.


2.    Laptop Users

Perhaps you use a laptop rather than a desktop.

Laptops are ultra-convenient for those that need them, in fact, my main computer is a laptop. The best thing I have found to make working away for hours at a time is to sit at my desk, rather than on the couch or at the dining table.

This is common practice with laptop users and I see so many tight backs and necks from those who adopt this work position.

Further to this, I have added a wireless keyboard and mouse, so that the laptop screen is at a comfortable distance from my face, avoiding the inevitable slouch. These are relatively inexpensive and you can find a decent wireless combo for around $30.

To finish off my workstation I have purchased, for roughly $30 again, a laptop stand. This angled tool raises the laptop to a comfortable height, so once again I don’t have to look down at my screen, which will create a lot of tightness and pain.


3.    Headsets Are Not A Fashion Accessory

One of the most common issues I find with office workers who are also on the phone a lot is that the tightness that builds up on one side of their neck and into the same shoulder from holding the phone between their ear and shoulder for long periods while they type or write down information.

This creates long term neck issues and headaches but thankfully is an easy fix.

Using a headset at work frees your neck and shoulders up so that you can type away in a better postural position. When I recommend this to my clients who are in this category, they notice immediate improvement and unburdening of their neck and shoulders, and a reduction or elimination of their headaches.

Try this low-cost option for yourself and notice the difference immediately.


4.    Now You See Me

Check the lighting in your workspace.

Is it low mood lighting that makes you tired, your eyes straining to see the words on the screen, lulling you into a tired postural slump?

Or is it so bright and glaring that your retinas are burning and you need to shield your poor eyes with sunglasses?

Getting the lighting comfortably bright will help to reduce eye strain and headaches.


5.    The Eyes Have It

Perhaps eye strain is forcing you to round your body to get closer to your screen and is part of the reason you are getting tightness in your upper body and headaches.

If the lighting is not an issue, have you considered getting your eyes checked at the Optometrist?

I have had several clients that updated their glasses prescription or got glasses for the first time, and that was all that was necessary to allow them to sit comfortably without straining their bodies at their desks.


6.    It’s Getting Cold In Here

Some workplaces have very efficient cooling, and there always seems to be someone who loves to keep the place cooler than is comfortable… perhaps they came from a country that doesn’t see the temperature rise above 20 degrees!

Some air vents have been inconveniently installed directly above work stations… who put that thing there?!

In any case, cold air blowing on the back of your neck while you are sitting in the same position for a while can seize up the muscles of your back and neck.

Perhaps talk to the self-proclaimed “controller of the air-conditioning” (you know the one) and find a comfortable happy medium… or start wearing a scarf to work.


7.    Put Your Feet Up

If you’re like a lot of people who have their legs tucked back under their chairs, then you will also notice tightness in your lower back, hips and legs (hamstrings and calves), which contributes to rounding of the upper body and the stiff jolt to a standing position every time you need to leave your desk.

Your feet should ideally be directly underneath your knees (90 degrees), or placed on a footrest in front of your chair.

This raises your knees in a more relaxed and comfortable position and it also allows you to sit in a more upright posture, which reduces the curve and strain in your lower back.


8.    Break The Cycle

As I said at the beginning of this article, the day can feel like its dragging, and then suddenly 8 or 9 hours have gone by and you may have gone to the toilet once or grabbed a quick bite (which may even be at your desk).

Set yourself some regular computer alarms to remind you to get up and get a glass of water (try to keep it away from your desk just so that you have to stand up and move to get one), have a quick stretch, etc.

Whenever you stop and move, you break the cycle of tension that builds up from being in the same position for hours on end.


Hopefully there are some tips in this article that you can adopt today to make your workday feel much more comfortable.

And remember… nothing gets rid of that built up tension better than a Remedial Massage.

During April and May – when you book in 4 massages of any length, you will receive your 4th massage at half price! (book 4x 30min massages and your 4th 30min massage is 50% off; book 4x 60min massages and your 4th 60min massage is 50% off… you get the idea). The 4 appointments must be booked in advance for the offer to apply.

With 7 amazing therapists to help you out, we’re ready to give you the help you may desperately need!


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Author: George

About me: I am a Remedial Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Natural Health practitioner with 20 years’ experience. I am passionate about helping clients to overcome pain and injuries and focus on educating clients to help them regain control of their lives.

Office Workers – Is your sitting posture causing you back pain, neck pain and headaches?
Office Workers – Is your sitting posture causing you back pain, neck pain and headaches?
31 Mar, 2019

Do you sit at a computer clacking away on the keyboard for hours on end?

Do you feel pain and stiffness kicking in by the end of the day? Perhaps it’s even started to develop from the beginning of the day lately.

Being stuck in front of a computer screen from 9-5 (or even longer these days) is the reality for a lot of people. This can ultimately cause slumps in posture and the tightness and pain associated with these positions: lower back pain, stiffness and aching (or a burning) feeling between the shoulder blades, neck tension and restriction and headaches that can range anywhere from back of the head, one side of the head to the entire head. These pains can be dull and achy with brain fogginess, or sharp shooting pains that travel to the eyes (one or both sides).


Does this sound familiar?


The good news is… we can help!

These are symptoms we help people with daily, and at Naturally Massage & Wellness we are dedicating April and May to OFFICE WORKERS – unsung heroes that keep the world going, tucked conveniently away behind your computer screens… This one’s for YOU!

The 4 things you can do to reduce your pain and help you to function at your best are:


  • Stretching – I know this is what everybody advocates and you’re probably sick of hearing everyone say it… but maybe you just don’t know what to do. Coming soon – quick and easy to follow guide to stretching that you can do at your desk to break the cycle of tension and help keep you going through those tough times.


  • Strength – Poor posture is developed over time where certain muscles become stronger, tighter and shorter than their balancing pair. Coming soon – a quick, easy to follow and focused guide to strengthening posture for office workers.


  • Supplementation – Deficiency can also be causing a tightness build-up in your body, by not providing the body with the essential components required for function. Coming soon – a guide to supplementation for pain and tension relief.


  • Massage – When you’re tight, restricted and in pain nothing is worse than battling the day. And nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what to do to relieve the symptoms. Massage is the quickest and easiest way to reduce the tightness in your muscles, increase your mobility, reduce loading on your neck and base of your skull and lift the fog in your brain. We specialise in removing the cause of your pain and restriction and guiding you in a personalised approach to work for you (this one we can deal with right now!).



Office Workers… we got your back… literally – I can hear the groans at my dad joke ;p


During April and May – when you book in 4 massages of any length, you will receive your 4th massage at half price!

Book 4x 30min massages and your 4th 30min massage is 50% off

Book 4x 60min massages and your 4th 60min massage is 50% off… you get the idea


The 4 appointments must be booked in advance for the offer to apply.

With 7 amazing therapists to help you out, we’re ready to give you the help you may desperately need!


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Author: George
About me: I am a Remedial Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Natural Health practitioner with 20 years’ experience. I am passionate about helping clients to overcome pain and injuries and focus on educating clients to help them regain control of their lives.
10 Reasons Why Weight Loss Can Be Difficult!
10 Reasons Why Weight Loss Can Be Difficult!
1 Mar, 2019

1. Did you know that up to 50% of all pharmaceutical medications can cause weight gain? This includes oral contraceptive pills, anti-depressants, beta-blockers, antibiotics, anti-psychotics, epilepsy & diabetes medications.

Certain probiotic strains have been shown to help with weight control.

2. Hypothyroidism can cause weight gain by slowing down your metabolism. A TSH on blood tests of 2 & over indicates that your thyroid is struggling. Many people still have symptoms of an under active thyroid but are on Thyroid medication because the cause isn’t being addressed.

3. One way menopause affects weight is that estrogen levels directly impact bile production & release from the gallbladder. Bile aids in digestion & fat breakdown. A decrease in estrogen also creates a huge problem processing fructose, leading to insulin resistance, high triglycerides & NAFLD (Non alcoholic fatty liver disease).

4. The optimal pH level of your body should be between 7.3-7.4. Too acidic and your digestive & thyroid enzymes can’t work optimally, you can feel tired, achy, constipated & gain weight.

5. Eating high calorie (sweet or fatty) foods to soothe anxiety, stress or depression can lead to weight gain. Identifying emotional or stressful triggers is important.

6. Cortisol is a stress hormone that when released in a large amount affects how your body metabolizes glucose. Over a long time this can lead to insulin resistance, an increase in appetite & changes to fat burning & storage.

7. Chronic Insomnia can slow down your metabolism. Feeling tired can cause poor food choices, increased appetite & changes in cortisol levels (see point 6).

8. A diet high in fructose, grains and processed foods over time can cause Leptin resistance, Insulin resistance, changes in appetite and weight gain/obesity.

9. Not only can low hydrochloric acid & digestive enzymes cause digestive issues like gas, bloating and diarrhea, it can also cause weight gain, especially around the abdomen.

10. Chronic Inflammation affects hunger regulation, metabolism regulating hormones, can cause systemic fluid retention & can be a factor in developing Insulin Resistance.

Using our state of the art VLA Quadscan device, in-house testing, analyzing blood tests & taking a thorough case history, our Naturopaths can help you with resistant weight loss.